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2016 Honda Pioneer 500 – Specs and Price

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 front side

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 will be the smallest in Honda’s Side by Side vehicle lineup. Others in this line up are 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 and 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. Even though this vehicle is small it offers great utility and is capable of getting many odd jobs done. To add to that it offers improved off road capabilities and great agility. This new variant will be sleeker than before and will offer an advanced handling system. This UTV is already equipped with the major and necessary features. Therefore the redesigns will be minor but effective. This car’s uniqueness will make it the undisputed champion of its segment.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 front side

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 – Drivetrain

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 shall come with 500 cc engine. This engine will have a liquid cooling fuel injection system and will be mated with an advanced belt-less five speed gearbox. To add to that the brake compression function is very impressive. The gear will be hand gear allowing the driver to switch easily. It will offer a more efficient and better performance. Honda will probably sell both four wheel drive and all wheel control system. Engine capacity is expected to be around 4 gallons and 1 gallon backup.

However the best feature about this engine is that it can stand extreme climates and offers the best off road features. Electronic fuel injection functionality will help this car’s engine to withstand extremely cold weather situations. Improved fuel efficiency is also expected.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 rear view

Exterior features

Inspite of the fact that 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 can accommodate only one person, this side by side vehicle will now be able to carry extra load. It should also increase in terms of its dimensions. Engineers at Honda have equipped this car with superb agility and handling will be now being easily able to carry an extra thousand pounds now. The build quality of this vehicle will be very good. There shall also be some improvements in terms of ground clearance and suspension.

They are expected to be around 9.6 inches and 5.9 inches respectively. That is quite a decent list of features for an off road type utility task vehicle. Advancement in standard security and safety systems are as well expected. Seats will be available in bench style along with seat belts and traction support. Suspension is very efficient and offers a hassle free ride. Pioneer 500 will also have technically controlled doors and nets. Last but not the least the interiors are very comfortable as well.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500

Release Date and Price

Honda has divulged no information regarding the cost and probable release date of 2016 Honda Pioneer 500. Even though considering the previous variant’s price and the added enhancements we can predict that the basic variant will be available for around $8,700. Prices will go higher as the number of accessories provided increase. As stated earlier there is not any reliable information about this cars release date. Some rumours suggest that it will be available by next month some suggest that it will be around October. However it is likely that it would be available by the end of 2015.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 – Review, Specs, Price

Honda will return to the off road car range with the 2016 Honda Pioneer 700. Earlier variants of this model had received positive customer reviews. This new variant will offer a number of exciting upgrades. It belongs to the lineup of P1000 and P500 and seems have the perfect balance between them. Better off road capability and control is expected. The company has implemented their latest technologies into this car and it seems to serve well for it. Interior upgrades will ensure more luxurious and comfortable cabin. This variant is expected to be capable of withstanding extremes of climates and terrains. Improved drive train and increased passenger accommodation capability are expected as well.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 front view

Exterior and Safety features

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 will be capable of carrying one more person now therefore two. Also it will come with increased luggage carrying capacity. It is expected that it will be easily able to carry around 1.5k lbs. Other than that considering its lineup we can say that greater flexibility and handling is expected from the new variant. An elevation in its platform has contributed to better ground distance. Exterior upgrades also include 38 W led headlamps.

Also the company has successfully implemented the latest technological features in this UTV. The interior design is exclusive and very unique. To add to that Pioneer 700 will also have pre-installed safety and self-defense systems. Also improved traction control is expected and the overall design of this new variant is sharper compared to its older versions. 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 is also 23% lighter now.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 side view

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 – Engine specs

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 will feature a four stroke engine of 675 cc, equipped with liquid temperature lowering fuel injection technology. This car’s single cylinder engine will coupled with a three speed automatic transmission. Its engine will derive its fuel from and 8.2 gallon storage compartment. Improvements in suspension and level clearance is also expected. News specs will probably be 7.9 inches to 9.1 inches.

Another great feature will be the extremely efficient hydraulic brakes. Probability is high that both all wheel system drive and 4 wheel system drive will be available. Higher compression ratio is expected as well. It could be 9:2:1. This engine has been specially engineered to deal with extreme climatic conditions. It is equipped with an electronic part that will prevent the engine from going damp.  It is likely that it will be more environments friendly as well.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700

Price & Release Date

There is no concrete news regarding the price and availability of 2016 Honda Pioneer 700. Although if one goes by his/her common sense then one would say that it will be by the end of 2015. Some sources suggest it might be released next month but there is no official confirmation regarding that. It is known that 2016 Pioneer will be only available in different color variants, precisely 3. They are namely phantom camouflage, olive and red. Keeping in mind the enhancements, it is probable that the price tag won’t differ much from the previous variant. Then it is likely to be around $10k which is pretty reasonable.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 side view

Honda will be back in the outdoor car segment with 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. Previous models of Pioneer 1000 have done quite well, now is it is back with a package of enhancements. One of the best Utility Task Vehicle ever made, the new Pioneer 1000 will be larger. Enhanced off road capabilities are also expected. Inspite of being a Side by Side, this vehicle is very comfortable, offers better handling than most other vehicles. This car can go through any terrain be it canyons, roughs hills or muddy forests. 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 will be capable to carry a ton extra and will also be able to accommodate more passengers. This UTV will also be equipped with the latest technological features and an advanced powertrain. Further details are stated below.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 side view


In terms of its design the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 will be available in many packages. Namely All Weather package, Hunting Package, Trail Package, Work Package, Custom Package and Protection Package. All Weather package’s exterior as well as interior design upgrade include hard roofs, Hard Front and Rear Doors, Strong Windshield, fabric rear Door and Panel and heaters. Hunting package will come with Camo Fabric roof, panel, Camo seat covers and Poly windscreen. Trail package will likely offer Fabric roof, Fabric front, rear doors and panels. Work Package will come with Winch, Plow and Winch Mounts, POW blades and push blades.

Protection package will have front and rear A-arm guards, skid plate, bumper and brush guard, Bed and floor mats and cover. The most exciting package that is the custom package will offer Advanced Weight balancing suspension system, LED headlights, LED light bars, attachment kit and Aux lamps. Also this new variant will be larger and have better safety and security features.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 front view

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 – Engine Performance

Speculations suggest that 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 should be equipped with a dual cylinder 9.99 k cc engine. To add to that it will also have dual inline liquid cooling function and will also feature cylinder head Uni cam design. Honda Pioneer 1000 will be offered in the market in both two wheel drive system and four wheel drive system. Other than that both manual and automatic transmission variants will be released and they will come with improved traction. Advanced suspension is also expected. Increased air intake is also expected and it will also work under tough conditions. Transmission will feature six speed DCT automatic gear box. A sports variant might also be released later. Basic variant will have a top speed of 45 mph and tuned variants will go up to 60 mph to 65 mph.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

Release Date and Price

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 will be available in two variants namely the base variant and the tuned variant. Former will be cheaper than the later and the official pricing will be available soon. However considering the market competition and upgrades we can say that it will be between $15,000 and $20,000 depending on range of accessories offered. Release date isn’t available either but going by logic we can say that it will be released by the fourth quarter of this year.