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2016 Honda TRX250X – Specs and Release Date

2016 Honda TRX250X front view

Honda has been developing AVT models from the past two years and recently they have decided to release about 3 or 4 new AVT bikes, which include the all new 2016 Honda TRX250X. This model is similar to the same year release of 2016 Honda TRX90X but the former was showcased at Chicago Auto Show whereas, the latter was demonstrated at New York Auto Show. Both have different features and engine module, but 250X uses rear swing-arm with double shock absorber whereas 90X used front swing-arm with single shock absorber. This bike is strictly recommended (written in bold in the handbook of Honda) only for those who are more than 12 years and less than 19 years.

2016 Honda TRX250X front view


This bike features clutchless engine with dual stroke back and froth. It uses better grip tires for adventuring different places. The driver is sure to have fun while he starts the engine. This bike is mainly designed for beginners who take this bike as a sport. It has a reliable and trustable engine configuration which is the motto for Honda. It also features a small, 3.2 inch LED screen which displays oil capacity and road map with the help of GPS connectivity. 2016 Honda TRX250X has parking lights and indicator for one lane driving. The LED used in here is small and new but the use of Xenon and neon lights increases the intensity of the light.

2016 Honda TRX250X side view

It has a distinct feature called Bump-Absorbing suspension, which comes in two in one suspension block which converts power and throttle to limited speed and acceleration. This suspension has two shock absorbers which provide all day comfort. Its brakes are manufactured by Honda with the help of another Japanese company. It has a ground clearance of 3.9 inches and low sideline. It comes out with 4 outer body colors which will signify mainly adventure and sports. Talking about the net weight, it weights 264 pounds only mainly due to the chassis design. This design has effectively increased fuel economy and fuel efficiency of this AVT bike.

Models available for 2016 Honda TRX250X:

  • Honda TRX250X 1100.
  • Honda TRX250X 2200.
  • Honda TRX250X 110.
  • Honda TRX250X 220.
  • Honda TRX250X V.

2016 Honda TRX250X

2016 Honda TRX250X – Engine

2016 Honda TRX250X would is provided with a DOHC engine with 15 mm valve carburetor and air cooled, SOHC, two cylinders and four stroke engine. This engine works best with a four speed transmission, which proves to be the best and appropriate riding conditions. It generates about 12W of power which helps in the initial start of this bike. Clutch and shifting of gears is another awesome thing on this bike. With over 12 to 13 technologies being used in this AVT bike you will never fall short of anything in an adventurous trip. It also includes Star Power air bags with extra safety protection. There is also a smooth and hassle free start button which we know by the name of Electric starter.

Price and Availability

2016 Honda TRX250X will be available by the next year and is expected to be in the price range of $4,600 to $5,000.

2016 Honda Recon – Review, Release and Price

2016 Honda Recon front view

With over 12000 AVT being sold by Honda, it benchmarks other companies for a hard fight for market position. So, to strengthen their position, Honda comes out with an AVT bike named 2016 Honda Recon. This model is based on a classy, mid-sized FourTrax series. Being one of the best selling company of AVT bikes in the recent market its being rugged and powerful in its own way but has a specially designed 250-C engine with Electric Shift Program (ESP). There has been many updates in engine and design. LED screen has been added new to this bike. The most important and interesting feature about this bike is it has introduced reverse braking mechanism.

2016 Honda Recon front view


As told, 2016 Honda Recon has been among the top popular lists of AVT bikes. People are waiting and some had already registered at the Honda website. Coming with the features, it has two exhaust pipes with AWD filters attached to it. This bike has already passed the AWD filter test. It also has the all new independent braking technology. This technology is useful for wet roads. The best thing on this AVT bike is suspension and brakes. It includes the double wing Swingarm and visual colour technology. This AVT bike will be available in 2 colours, namely, red variant and green shine. It has the perfect size for Versatility due to the use of low powered conventional shift transmission.

2016 Honda Recon red

2016 Honda Recon – Engine modifications

Talking about engines, 2016 Honda Recon uses a 4-stroke engine, with an oil holding capacity of 2.9 liters. It produces an output horsepower of 112 and a torque of 156 lb-ft. It provides a mileage of 15 mpg in plain road and around 21 mpg in non-rugged roads. Electric start is present with 1 touch damage awareness. It features ESP and based upon the Electric Shift Program. This allows easy change of gears, just by the use of the thumb. And it also has two handlebars which are only featured in 2016 Honda Recon.

2016 Honda Recon

Main body

The body of 2016 Honda Recon is new and designed by an American bike making company. The advancement of the reverse mechanism allows automatic applying of brakes when the bike understands that there is a danger coming. This technology has just been used in some cars, but Honda proved that it can also be used in AVT bikes. Most importantly, this bike would be coming out in all-wheel drive configuration. Some noticeable changes after the first look are that the bike is heavy, hard and rough. Talking about transmission, it will get a four speed automatic and manual, both have been used and kept as an option for customers. Swingarm used is a single shock and ground clearance is about 2.4 inches. It has also passed the emission test successfully. Models of 2016 Honda Recon are Honda Recon M, Honda Recon M1 and Honda Recon M3.

Price and Release Date

After production, 2016 Honda Recon will be available for the customers by July, next year. When it comes to money, it is ranging between $2,800 to $3,900.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon – Review, Specs and Price

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon

The 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon comes with a lot of models so that you can choose which one is perfect for you. This ATV puts stress on rider comfort in the roughest of terrains. It comes with IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) with a set of swingers equipped models. Also the new Automatic DCT (Dual-Clutch transmission) is included on some models. The ATV comes with a 500-class engine, four wheel drive, front suspension having an independent double wishbone and the rear suspensions having independent dual-arm. The front brakes are made of 190 mm hydraulic discs on 25×8-12 tires, and rear brakes are made of 170 mm hydraulic brakes on 25×10-12 tires.

The 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon models may all look same, but the models have huge differences featuring disc brakes or different transmission systems, standard or EPS (Electric Power Steering), and also deluxe versions having extra features with a justified amount of price rise.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon


The rugged visual of the Rubicon looks great. But that’s not all it does. It’s designed to cover the rider from mud and debris, and to show off scraps of the jobsite or forest dings. Also the all steel full-coverage, bumper gives amount for an accessory winch. Preload adjustable shocks allow you to adjust suspension performance for different load variations.

The seat is made of thicker foam and a texture which gives a better grip and comfort for an all-day ride. Suspension cannot be judged for this model. It has airline suspension, which provides better air pressure and fuel economy. This AVT might come out with two wheel options, but the suspension does not have any other options. What is important here are those interior safety airbags and headed seats? It also provides better seating arrangements for two people.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon side view

There are different models for the 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon:

  • Foreman Rubicon 4×4.
  • Foreman Rubicon 4×4 EPS.
  • Foreman Rubicon 4×4 EPS Deluxe.
  • Foreman Rubicon 4×4 DCT.
  • Foreman Rubicon 4×4 DCT EPS.
  • Foreman Rubicon 4×4 DCT EPS Deluxe.

The deluxe models come with cast aluminum wheels, decals on its body, suspension components with red highlights and other polished areas. The wheels give out a sharp look and shave off more than seven pounds of weight. The Steering is mounted with other controls. There is a display panel, which shows speed, time, fuel, and the Maintenance reminder which tells us when it is time for servicing.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon rear view

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon – Engine Specs

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon is equipped with 475cc four-stroke engine. This engine is direct fuel injected which gives better fuel economy. Engine is matched with manual five-speed or with the Dual Clutch transmission. It comes with the easy-to-use Reverse/Parking brake lever. The TraxLok 2wd/4wd system offers two wheel drive, four wheel drives and four wheel drive mode with locking front differentials to adjust traction. TraxLok system gives a speed override mode that can be used when the front differential is locked. This helps in increasing wheel speed under severe condition, like when stuck in mud. Also the rack capacity is increased. Front rack capacity- 99 pounds and that of rear-187 pounds.

Availability and Price

The 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon models are available in showrooms since May and price of a base models start from $7800. And high end models might hit up to $9,500.

2016 Honda Rancher – Review, Specs, Price

2016 Honda Rancher side view

The concept of ATVs starts with a dream. Mostly used for fulfilling jobs or dreams of riding somewhere where cell network shuts down. When it comes to ATV (All Terrain Vehicles), Honda gives a wide variety. Their most recent with a few carry over specifications of their last model is the 2016 Honda Rancher. This ATV is designed to be able to do hard tasks. It is supposedly a working machine,it’s also said to be a fun ride. Its previous version, i.e., 2015 Honda Rancher came with many updates, but this is more or less just a visually updated version of that.

2016 Honda Rancher

2016 Honda Rancher – Configurations

As mentioned earlier, 2016 Honda Rancher is an ATV for the hardest tasks. Thus, this vehicle is given a very hard construction. It also carries a very rugged look. It comes in two versions, 2 wd and 4 wd configurations. It comes with three different types of transmission:- manual transmission, ES (Electric Shift) program or automatic DCT (Dual Clutch transmission). It will have a digital instrument panel showing gear position indicator, speedometer, odometer, fuel level, clock, water temperature, trip meter and also Honda’s maintenance minder, which tells you when it’s time for service. The ATV will also have a comfortable seat with good efficiency for the people working with it.

2016 Honda Rancher side view

2016 Honda Rancher – Single cylinder Engine

2016 Honda Rancher has 2 in 1 suspension, which powers the tires to go off road. Talking about the mileage you are about to get the best fuel economy. This class of AVT has been among the new for about 2 years and now Honda comes with this AVT. It also includes a special attraction of oriented glass which is designed by a Japanese company. Its engine comes with previously proven 420 cc single-cylinder, four stroke, and liquid cooled engine. This engine provides more than enough power, great economy and excellent durability.  It can be switched to either manual ATV or the automatic DCT. The options of either all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Fuel capacity is 3.9 gallons, and on the reserve it is 1.3 gallons.

2016 Honda Rancher rear view


The 2016 Honda Rancher comes with EPS, namely electric power steering featuring torque sensors that measure the force one applies and compensates the assist one needs. Terrain driving is made a lot easier because of this. The IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) is included for a smoother ride and increased ease over erratic terrain. Whereas its other swinger model ensures the capability of tackling chores on the ATV.

Tires are provided with high gripping technology and a wider cross-section for better hold on the terrain. The front tire is about 24-8-12 and the rear tire is off 24-10-11. Its front brake is fitted with dual hydraulic disc and the rear brake is the sealed drum type.


The 2016 Honda Rancher is expected to have a base price of $5,200 (like previous model) whereas some say that high end models might touch a price of about $7,100. And is already hitting the streets in some places since this May – June.

2016 Honda TRX90X – Price, Spec, Release Date

2016 Honda TRX90X front view

Honda comes up with a powerful yet economic AVT quad bike. The company’s Power division named it as 2016 Honda TRX90X. You can book your tickets for an adventure ride with TRX90X. After plenty of discussion over the market value of this bike, Honda was not ready to go with this bike. But when they showcased it at the New York Auto Show, they changed their mind to release it not in the next year, but this year itself. With powerful Powertrain, this AVT bike is sure to hit the market. There are about 12 models which will be released for this bike with different engine specifications and root model.

2016 Honda TRX90X front view

This quad bike is fuel efficient and also has a battery option in case of any emergency. It’s kickback features front kicking and also includes an auto start power button by which the bike will be able to start fast. It also includes independent handlebar by its side. Seats are made up of Logan leather and perfectly shaped for an adult. This bike is only licensed age over 12 and teenagers of age under 19.

Brakes are an important section in AVT bikes. And so, Hondo goes out with high hydraulic pressure breaks. They have also worked on combining both speed and control. This adventure bike can go off road or any other terrain with it’s 21 inches high pressurized tires. It combines both fuel efficiency and acceleration. This is secretly done by using a DoHC engine which provides the best possible combination of acceleration and fuel efficiency.

2016 Honda TRX90X rear view

The 2016 Honda TRX90X – Models available

The 2016 Honda TRX90X will come out in 6 models, namely.

  • Honda TRX90X A.
  • Honda TRX90X AA.
  • Honda TRX90X B.
  • Honda TRX90X BB.
  • Honda TRX90X C.
  • Honda TRX90XX CC.

The 2016 Honda TRX90X – Features

The outside will be seen in 3 different colour combinations. One of these is vibrant red. And the other two are eye catching. These colours define adventure, sports and enthusiasm this is what the general manager of Honda told to the reporters. Its engine is designed to patch the rough and cold conditions. The use of Japanese machinery assures better performance, according to engine and design. There has been use of modern technology and software which allows to lower the curb weight of this bike. And lowering the net weight has made it fuel efficient and has increased mileage.

2016 Honda TRX90X

The 2016 Honda TRX90X – Semi Automatic Transmission

Talking about the engine, 2016 Honda TRX90X uses 86 cc, four strokes, SOHC engine which is smooth and can bear front independent suspension. Power delivery and usage stats are also available for the customers, which can be found out in the handbook. It bears semi automatic and manual four speed transmission. It has a turning radius of 3.8 feet, which allows better storage of fuel capacity. The front brakes use dual sealed drum and the Drivetrain comes with O-ring chain. Nevertheless, this engine is powerful and fuel efficient and has CDI ignition.


2016 Honda TRX90X will be coming out in a very affordable price of $2,999 and is expected to be out in the market by June, 2016.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 – Review, MPG, Price

2016 Honda Foreman 500 front view

The 2016 Honda Foreman 500 is a long held characteristic model of the ATV family. This ATV is to fulfill big and adventurous jobs. The rugged design, strong, always reliable and that does it all, Honda Foreman is the bull of farms or forests.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 – Semi up shift Engine

It’s 500-class proven engine offers power and fuel efficiency, both in the same engine. This engine is compact and lightweight and is of a semi-dry design, which enhances riding by lowering its center of gravity. The chassis is strong, and offers a long suspension stroke, smooth handling, even in the roughest of terrains. Even in less than ideal situations the 2016 Honda Foreman 500 has the front differential lock system which helps in amplifying front end power.

This all new ESP technology (in some models) ensures easier up-shifting and downshifting, with a feel of an automatic transmission with strength of conventional transmission. To shift gears all one’s got to do is push one of the two handlebars-mounted buttons. The absence of foot lever is an advantage when riding in mud or snow covered boots. The TraxLok system lets you choose between two wheel drive (for lighter steering) and four wheel drive (maximizing available traction).

2016 Honda Foreman 500 rear view

Reverse technology

The Easy-to-use Reverse Lever is a special lever mechanism used in tight spots or to backup in tight areas. Also the EPS (Electric Power Steering) is both, torque and speed-sensitive, and also excels at reducing effort to steer and kickback through the handle. It’s a big help when riding through very rough terrains, rocks or stretches of side hills. The powerful ACG output is also a plus point when this ATV needs extra power. The headlights are equipped with 35W bulbs for better illumination along with a 45W independent headlight in the handlebar.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 front view

2016 Honda Foreman 500 – Performance

If you worried about fuel economy, then do so. Fuel is what Honda was concerned from first. They have added an extra 2.4 liter oil tank for emergency purposes. The 2016 Honda Foreman 500 provides the best suspension, which supports extra features like add in weight, tune-in radio and many more. It provides a mileage of 36 mpg on highways and 24 mpg in city roads. This AVT can produces start up acceleration of 60 mph in just 4.92 seconds and it works on a four speed automatic transmission.

The 2016 Honda Foreman 500’s 4×4 rear swing-arm suspension, along with a solid axle provides a superior capability for towing and hauling. Its long suspension seat provides all day comfort. Dual Hydraulic front brakes and sealed mechanical drum brakes on its rear wheels ensures proper combined control over speed. An oxygen sensor is incorporated in its system to provide better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The ECU controls the amount of fuel injections depending on terrain.

2016 Honda Foreman 500

Models available

The 2016 Honda Foreman 500 comes in 4 models:-

  • Foreman 4×4.
  • Foreman 4×4 ES.
  • Foreman 4×4 EPS.
  • Foreman 4×4 ES EPS.
  • Foreman 4×4 ES EPS A1.

Price and Production

The base price of 2016 Honda Foreman 500 model is $7,099 and high end models reach up to $8,050 and is available since May.