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2019 Baby Acura NSX: Powertrain, Price

2019 Baby Acura NSX

From time to time, Honda knows to surprise fans of its vehicles with new and distinctive models. Honda and its luxury division Acura has many vehicles that are unique but it seems that it is never enough and some sources claim that new model will be developed as successor for Honda’s S2000. The release date is scheduled for 2018 year and probably under Acura nameplate. Model is currently called 2019 Baby Acura NSX which suggest sporty oriented model with hybrid powertrain but smaller proportions than on actual NSX version.

2018 Acura NSX Type R: Rumors, Price

2018 Acura NSX Type R

The latest reports have been an indication that the second generation of Honda or Acura NSX will get new Type R variant. NSX is a model which is yet to be released and is eagerly waited. However, there are news about the type R model, which is expected to have even better specification. The upcoming 2018 Acura NSX Type R model will be offering excellent performance numbers. Light body weight and additional electrical power are highlights of this model, other notable aspects include aggressive body, strong brakes, sports suspension, unique wheels and also certain adjustments in the interior.

2018 Acura MDX: Design, Powertrains

2018 Acura MDX

The Acura MDX model, also known as Honda MDX in Australia and Japan, is a three-row mid-size luxury crossover and is amongst the most famous models from Acura. It is rumored that the company will launch its latest model as 2018 Acura MDX. It is manufactured by Honda, the Japanese automaker, under its luxury brand Acura. Initially, this model first appeared in 2001, about fifteen years ago. Till date, there have been three generations of this model, 2013 being the last time a complete redesign was seen. However, we were recently able to witness new refreshed 2017 Acura MDX model and changes are more than mild. Its styling has been revised, interior side as well but some substantial modifications are also present on its mechanics. Acura has also added Sport Hybrid version to the lineup and therefore 2018 model year isn’t expected to bring some substantial changes. It is possible however that Acura may present only some equipment regrouping and electronics upgrades for 2018 model year.

2018 Acura TLX: Redesign, Features

2018 Acura TLX

2018 Acura TLX will be the future replacement of the upcoming TLX models and as Acura has mentioned that will focus on comfort of passengers and technology but performance will not suffer either. TLX has always been an exquisite and high selling model from Acura, but the makers now feel that it should get some up gradation that would uplift the car’s current standings. 2018 TLX is expected to appear with some stunning and striking features along with many luxury amenities that will put another car to shame. Acura will surely put some intriguing gadget and feature that will make it much more advanced. Some car experts are suggesting that it will get a balanced design and will have some design cues from Acura Precision Concept version.

2018 Acura ILX: Design, Engine, Price

2018 Acura ILX

At the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, there was nothing else which gained more attention than the four-door Precision Concept from Acura. With a long wheelbase, low-slung stance, and rear wheel drive technology; the Precision Concept drew a lot of comments and opinions. It’s fair to say that this concept stayed way ahead of rest of the lineup from Acura. This concept is said to be the inspiration for the design of upcoming models from Acura. Thus, the much anticipated 2018 Acura ILX model will also be based on this concept design. Acura ILX is one of best models, as far as compact size luxury cars are concerned. It is an entry level model of Acura, which is the luxury division from Honda. Initially, it was released as 2013-year model in 2012. When it was initially released, it came as first compact vehicle from Acura after 7 years. It is the first Acura model to feature hybrid configuration.

Acura Precision Concept: Design, Features

Acura Precision Concept

Acura Precision Concept is the latest and deadliest weapon from Acura in the brands war. This concept version has been designed in Acura’s design studio in California, and it made its debut in 2016 Detroit Motor Show. This car has been devised by the same team who has created the NSX layout. According to Acura, it is that design from which all the future models of Acura will take inspiration. Acura has been struggling with keep pace with its competitors mainly due to its limited number of sedans and SUVs. It doesn’t have much body styles, bodywork design or engine option but Precision concept has given them hope to change the future of Acura. Although Acura hasn’t hinted when the first model based on this concept version but car experts are hoping it will appear soon.

2017 Acura TLX – Specs, Engine, MPG

2017 Acura TLX front view

2017 Acura TLX is basically a mid-sized luxury sedan from Acura, the luxury car division of world renowned Japanese automobile maker, Honda. It was first produced in 2014. This upcoming model will represent third generation. It’s said to offer impressive drive experience, streamlined body design and luxurious comfortable interior. Large no. of function or feature buttons will be at driver’s disposal. A lot is being expected from this car. Car lovers all around world are looking forward to such a model. Company expects its new model will meet every expectation and gain dominance in world automobile market for sure.

2017 Acura TLX front view

Exterior Appearance

2017 Acura TLX will not undergo too many major changes or modifications but minor changes all over are for sure. Some alterations and upgradations are must to represent a refreshed look. Frontal fascia includes stylish new headlights, coupe roof-line, upgraded frontal grille, etc. Modern type designed small stylish grille. Edge shaped sharply redesigned headlights as well as taillights. Both these get installed with advanced LED light technology for providing daylight type improved visibility.

Small sized fog-lights are provided. Using light weight materials like alloy fiber, carbon fiber, alloy fiber, etc in production of body structure has greatly reduced net vehicle weight thereby improving crucial features such as speed, durability, performance, fuel economy, etc. Customer can choose attractive large sized alloy wheels. Many types of color options are offered just for you selection. Body lines are quite streamlined thereby enhancing aerodynamic factor.

2017 Acura TLX rear view

Interior Designing

A car can only rise up to genre of luxury sedan only if it’s interior has been made excitingly classy and immensely comfortable. 2017 Acura TLX has gained this special rank. Cabin space has been installed with high quality soft leather along fine fabric upholstery made especially for giving ultimate comfort in any journey. Various cabin space designing are present depending upon type of trim level chosen. Almost all buttons or keys controlling every feature and function get installed at driver’s easy one hand reach. As an overall sum up, TLX’s interior becomes similar to modern day vehicle or futuristic vehicle.

2017 Acura TLX gets futuristic cabin space through various hi-tech technological features, gadgets, etc installed. Here are some hi-tech stuffs you may see inside-excellent satellite navigation system, upgraded navigation system, branded sound system with many speakers, dual zone climate control, HD satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB port, cruise control, car parking assistance through rear view camera, anti-collision system, seat belts, air bags, etc.

2017 Acura TLX side view

2017 Acura TLX – Engine options

Mainly two engine variants are present under hood of 2017 Acura TLX. One is a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder which generates about 205 hp and quite equal torque. This gets mated with 8 speed automatic transmission system giving nearly 28 mpg average mileage rate. Another is a 3.5 liter twin turbo charged V6 engine producing about 290 hp. This gets paired with 9 speed ZF auto transmission system giving 25 mpg average mileage rate.


2017 Acura TLX will have price range between $39,000 and $45,000 as predicted by experts.

2017 Acura RDX – Changes, MPG and Price

2017 Acura RDX

2017 Acura RDX is basically a compact luxury SUV crossover from Acura, the luxury car brand of world famous Japanese Automaker, Honda. MDX was Acura’s first ever SUV vehicle, then it was taken over by RDX range. In 2006 first model was launched. This new upcoming version will be represents third generation. Overcoming many battles, upcoming RDX gets ready to showcase its range of newest modifications or updates. An equally capable drivetrain also seems to be crucial. Main genre of this car is sports. Car lovers as well as Honda expect lot from this vehicle and wishes that it can raise main eyebrows.

2017 Acura RDX

Exterior Features

2017 Acura RDX, as per latest news, seems to have undergone many changes or modifications as a refreshment task. Not much has been still known about its exterior design but there are quite a few. Overall genre of its design remains quite sporty. Frontal fascia includes- very impressive characteristically styled grille, sharp edgy headlights known as Jewel Eye headlights, two foglights, etc. Both headlights as well as taillights are installed with advanced LED technology lighting or Xenon lighting for providing improved visibility daylight type.

Rear front is equally modern genre styled similar with some characteristic Honda design. Body lines are quite smooth which enhances aerodynamics. Using materials like aluminium, carbon fibre, alloy fibre and other light weight yet rigid materials for body frame production reduces vehicle weight hugely thereby improving vital prospects such as speed, durability, mileage rate, performance, etc. Some very stylish wheel options are provided for customer’s selection. Various colour options are given for customer’s selection as well.

2017 Acura RDX rear view


Company has made cabin space of 2017 Acura RDX quite elegant and explicit. Both comfort and luxury seems embedded inside making it the best choice for long journey drives. But main plus point of this car is its spaciousness. Large cabin room as well as cargo room which can accommodate about 5 fully grown adult passengers easily along with their ample luggage still makes this vehicle an excellent choice for people searching for family size premium SUVs. Premium quality leather along fine fabric upholstery is used in seats. Various trim levels are present which makes varied interior designing.

2017 Acura RDX has been made futuristic type with help of many hi-tech technological stuffs, gadgets, etc all around. Here are some important tech stuffs present inside- upgraded dual faced infotainment system, satellite navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, Wi-Fi hotspot, Hands free calling, branded sound system, etc.

2017 Acura RDX interior

2017 Acura RDX – Drivetrain

Under the bonnet of 2017 Acura RDX, you may find a 3.5 liter V6 engine system which can generate about 279 hp and equal torque amount. This gets mated with 6 speed auto transmissions system. Advanced Acura’s Control System adds some extra power as well as into its engine. 25 mpg is the average fuel consumption for front wheel drive type and 23 mpg for all wheel drive type.


2017 Acura RDX will have a price range starting from $36,000 to about $44,000.

2017 Acura NSX Type R – Performance and Price

2017 Acura NSX Type R

There are very few sports vehicles from the Asian automobile market which has had such a huge impact in the global automobile market like Acura NSX have had over the years. 2017 Acura NSX Type R is one eagerly awaited model and has already started creating quite a buzz among sport vehicle enthusiast and Honda loyalists. With a stunning new design and high-end performance it will surely give European Automobile giants such as Porsche and BMW a run for their money.

It has been in the market for over two decades and has evolved significantly over the due course of time. In order to compete in the current market Honda must improve on several shortcomings from which the previous vehicles suffered. The Type R variant of NSX is one of the most awaited vehicles as it is expected to be a beast on-road.

2017 Acura NSX Type R

Exterior and Interior Designing

Much shouldn’t be expected about cabin space of any sports vehicle but 2017 Acura NSX Type R is somewhat different than others. An amazingly futuristic or modern day look has been given inside just like some spacecrafts cockpit.

2017 Acura NSX Type R comes with many latest hi-tech technologies, accessories, etc. Being from Honda family, not expecting anything spectacularly awesome isn’t right. Here are some really impressive stuffs cabin space holds- satellite navigation system, excellent infotainment system, hands free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, cruise control, parking assistance through rear view camera, latest climate control, radio, seat belts, air bags, sound system having many speakers, anti-collision system, etc.

2017 Acura NSX Type R front view

2017 Acura NSX Type R – Drivetrain

2017 Acura NSX Type R being a sports car needs an amazing engine under its belt to meet the needs of every sports car lover. Many speculations are going around about the exact powertrain and performance stats of this upcoming vehicle since no official news about NSX’s drivetrain has been announced. As per expert suggestion, NSX may get a 3.5 liter twin turbo charged V6 direct injecting which combines with whopping three electric motors. This is all advanced plug-in hybrid model.

This engine system gets mated with 7 speed dual clutch type transmission system. All together this provides a considerable amount of power (i.e. about 550 hp) as well as torque. It is an all wheel drive type which powers up its front wheels through those two electric motors. This car is a formidable combination of power and performance. Fuel economy is also quite good keeping in mind it’s a sports machine. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just few seconds.

2017 Acura NSX Type R rear view

Price, Launch Date and Competitors

Though no official reports are yet given by Acura, experts have made many estimates regarding price range of 2017 Acura NSX Type R. Experts suggest it may have price range between $150,000 to $200,000.Release date has been expected to be quite late i.e. by 2016’s end or 2017’s beginning so there is still time. Like all impressive car model, NSX’s also has got rivals like upcoming Nissan GT-R R36 NISMO, etc.

2017 Acura ILX Type S – Redesign, Hybrid, Release

2017 Acura ILX type S front view

2017 Acura ILX Type S can very well be considered as one of the much awaited cars this season. Given that it is being upgraded only a year after its mid cycle refresh, this car is not expected to come up with an entirely redesigned bodyline or unique functionalities. Car lovers can however expect some cosmetic changes which would make this Acura ILX more suave, cozy and luxuriant.

2017 Acura ILX type S front view

External modifications

Changes in 2017 Acura ILX Type S will be mostly with regard to accessories rather its base sculpture. It is going to retain the same headlights as the Acura’s MDX and RLX models, and the same recently restructured fascia in its front. Its streamlined sporty outlook is not going anywhere. This extravagant car will however offer an increased number of options when it comes to its shades and buyers can also expect typical ‘Type S’ up gradations in its appearance.

Upgraded Interior

More changes are taking place with respect to the interior planning of the 2017 Acura ILX Type S, and this precisely outlines its difference from its recently launched predecessor. The seats are being refined with a use of expensive fabric and calfskin. For people who are into luxurious sporty vehicle, this new redesigned interior will add to the desirability. There is also ample space for head and leg rest provided by sensible division between the seats. Making comfort a priority, the seats have been made adjustable in eight different ways, which makes the travelling experience for the driver and passengers as snug and comfortable as it can get.

The car has become all the more smart with its features like keyless access and push button start. Style and comfort goes hand in hand for 2017 Acura ILX Type S. It also features touch screen run down gear along with GPS routing and programmed atmosphere control system.

2017 Acura ILX type S rear view

2017 Acura ILX Type S – Powertrain

Here comes the feature which prominently categorizes the 2017 Acura ILX Type S as an extravagant, luxurious and deluxe vehicle. It is supported by a 2L four-chambered engine with 2.0 liter fuel capacity producing a torque of 140 pound-feet and power of 150 horses. Now, if that’s not enough power for you, there is also another variant which happens to be a 2.4 L cylinder. This one produces power equivalent of 201 horses. Coupled along with it will either be eight-speed automated transmission or six-speed manual transmission.

You can also go for the ILX Hybrid which offers a drive of 111 HP and a twist of 127 pound-feet. These Hybrids also come with 1.5 L 4-cylinder motor. Basically, Acura is going to offer a number of choices in this field so consumers can suit themselves.

2017 Acura ILX type S interior

Price and Release date

The 2017 Acura ILX Type S model is still under the process of development and therefore no speculations can be made regarding its range of price, neither has any inner sources revealed any information so far as the availability of the car is concerned. As such, it is hard to state when exactly will the model be available with dealers, except that it can be anywhere between end of 2016 to mid-2017.