2018 Honda Accord Concept: Specs, Release

Honda Accord is known to be the best model in Honda’s lineup and because of that Honda is once again rumoured to launch its latest version as 2018 Honda Accord Concept. The upcoming model is speculated to be designed with some top-notch features, and designers have also given latest modifications. It is heard that this latest car will be based on Acura’s RX and Honda Concept C model. It is also believed that this time buyers will be enthralled with its high-end configuration in its powertrain.

2018 Honda Accord Concept

2018 Honda Accord Concept: Design, Features

It is crucial to note that if the speculations related to the release of this automobile went true, then buyers will witness the first model of its next generation. The latest version of this vehicle is also highly anticipated in the automobile industry as previous models of the same have created a great impact on the minds of its buyers. For its concept model speculations are there that it might be introduced as a 4-door sedan model. In its front position, the vehicle is likely to be introduced with a curved hood along with a bolder grille. The front bumper will feature dynamic lines and surfaces and pair of large air inlets. Side panels will be engraved with sharp and attractive lines and rear quarter panels also feature dynamic design. The use of attractive aluminum wheels will also contribute to its modern look. The body structure of this vehicle will comprise higher percentage of high-strength steel while some body parts will be made of aluminum. Thais will provide better performance and better fuel economy.

There are many sources working in the automobile industry to reveal detailed information for the vehicles those are not launched so far. Therefore, some sources speculated that this time 2018 Honda Accord Concept will be launched with a more spacious cabin. It will also be able to accommodate five adult passengers in its cabin. The seats given to this vehicle will be manufactured with leather upholstery, and they are also manufactured with a back-magic design for its front and rear seats. Therefore, it is quite evident that the buyers will have a comfortable journey. Drivers of this vehicle will get utmost freedom to use and access different controls those are fitted with its leather-wrapped steering wheel. The model will also be equipped with the latest technology features including entertainment and safety aspects.

2018 Honda Accord Concept

2018 Honda Accord Concept: Powertrain

As of now, the sources in the auto industry suggests that 2018 Honda Accord Concept model will be powered by a 1.5-liters turbo engine, and it can deliver 174 HP along with 162 lb-ft of torque. It is also speculated that Honda might retain its current engine under the hood of its upcoming model, and it will be 2.4-liters engine. The latest engine might deliver the fuel economy of 27 mpg in cities, 36 on highways and 30 on combined basis. However, these are just speculations and Honda is yet to announce its EPA ratings. In addition, buyers will also be able to witness front-wheel-option to this vehicle. However, it is possible that Honda may introduce this model with hybrid powertrain as well.

2018 Honda Accord Concept

2018 Honda Accord Concept: Release date

It is rumoured in the market that 2018 Honda Accord Concept model will be launched in the final quarter of 2017 or more possibly at the onset of 2018.

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