2017 Honda S1000: Performance, Features

Japanese automobile manufacturing giants Honda have produced quite a few astonishing cars which will go down in history as legends and benchmark cars like Accord, Ridgeline and so many others. Among them, one shining piece of star is undeniably sports car, Honda S660. This car looked odd when it first came to market but with time it has proven its potential. Honda has had a recent successful run with Honda S660 in the Japanese market. The new 2017 Honda S1000 is being thought to be the export version of this car which is going to be released in the US markets following the huge demand of S660. Spiritually, this car is going to be the successor of Honda Beat, which was quite a legend product itself.


2017 Honda S1000: Styling, Features

Use of advanced technology is the basic trick of this car which makes it so attractive. The main feature of this new technology is the huge weight loss without any doubt. 2017 Honda S1000 will according to prediction weigh around 1,900 pounds. This is going to positively affect its handling quality and maneuverability. It has also been hinted that model will be around 200 mm wider to house sportier tires. Design wise, this car is going to combine the looks and appearance of both Honda S660 and Acura NSX. Some sources claim it will have fixed roof. As for the interior of this model, nothing has been hinted. However, for US market it is expected to be slightly roomier than S660 and equipped with the latest technology and gadgets. Interior design will probably share many similarities with derived model but it will also be in line with US demands.

2017 Honda S1000

2017 Honda S1000: Performance

People may have many doubts regarding the engine of 2017 Honda S1000 as this car has been inspired by Honda S660. This is because Honda S660 has only 63 HP as it has to comply with standards set by Japanese Kei standards. But fear not because 2017 S1000 is going to have quite a powerful engine. It will be powered by a bigger 1.0 liter four cylinder engine which will be having around 140 HP. Although EPA ratings have not been tested and announced as of yet, it is being estimated that this mid-mounted engine car will have a good fuel economy. When it comes to transmission, both choices of automatic and manual gearboxes will be offered.

2017 Honda S1000

2017 Honda S1000: Release date, Price

2017 Honda S1000 should not be mistaken for a weaker car in the market as compared to other sports cars. This is a futuristic car which packs optimum power as well as goes easy on fuel consumption which is very much a concern these days. It is being assumed that it will also be popular like the S660. Competition in the market will be given by Porsche Boxster and Alfa Romeo 4C, both of which have comparable sizes. Release dates for 2017 S1000 haven’t yet been confirmed. Late-2016 or early-2017 – either could be a possible fruitful time to release. Prices are quite within budget with figures starting from $25,000.

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