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2017 Honda Civic Hybrid: Powertrain, Design, Price

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid is a very prestigious car from Honda. Honda is determined to launch their latest model as 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid, and it will be a 10th generation model. This nameplate was initially launched in 1970’s and since then buyers have seen number of changes in this vehicle. The new car is expected to feature high fuel efficiency, improved handling, modernized styling and upgraded interior loaded with the latest electronics.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle: Efficient, Functional

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle model looks great. It was first launched back in 2011 and was a huge hit instantly. After this great success, the company experimented with their hatchback models, and it was the same result once again. They had struck a goal on numerous occasions, and new Fit Shuttle is likely to carry on that trend quite effectively. Though the main features will remain unchanged, this new car will have many secondary features that will be new to the riders, and it would be fun to have such technologies around while driving.

Honda CR-V Limited Edition 2016: Review

Honda CR-V Limited Edition 2016

Honda apart from launching regular 2016 version of CR-V has also initiated a Limited Edition and it based on the VTi version of CR-V. This Honda CR-V Limited Edition 2016 is slightly priced higher than premium VTi model mainly due to added and unique features. This 2016 model is an upgraded model, and it come with much perceptible enhancement especially in the outer surface of the car. Although it comes with a Limited Edition tag, it doesn’t come with any fancy cosmetic touch. Its engine has been modified to provide better acceleration and fuel economy which is a plus point of this version.

2017 Honda Jazz: Design, Release, Price

2017 Honda Jazz

A new year is here, and the car industry is banking on a new and refreshed models. Well, this model has been there for a while but as of now, this idea is getting a whole new face from an entirely different angle. Honda, Japanese giant in car manufacturing is known for their versatile products, and thanks to cars like 2017 Honda Jazz, the company has been successful in staying a mile ahead of others in this competitive market. The manufacturers have a claim that Honda Jazz is one of the most loved vehicles they have ever produced. Such is its juicy styling that anyone would fall in love with this car. This 2017 Jazz has all the qualities of a fun car to drive and that too within a tight budget. This car should really be the price killer you were probably looking for.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe: Changes, News, Price

2017 Honda Accord Coupe

Honda Accord is a series of sedan and coupes which is being manufactured by the Japanese auto giant Honda since 1976. In this context it is crucial to mention that Honda will soon launch their latest model as 2017 Honda Accord Coupe. Mainly Accord is known for its sedan vehicles, and it is one of the best-selling sedans in the United States from 1989. The new 2017 Accord Coupe is expected to have more changes in the vehicle which is designed for US market compared to new Accord Coupe in other countries. Certain rumors depict that the car will be similar to Honda Accord Spirior, which was displayed at Beijing auto show in 2014. The new version is anticipated to come up with more efficient and powerful engine, better handling and balance, high-quality equipment, and more space.

2017 Honda BR-V: Changes, Engines, Price

2017 Honda BR-V

Popular Japanese car manufacturer is planning to make it big in the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) market by bringing in one of their strongest contenders ever. Honda has a reputation for making some of the best and most versatile SUVs of the generation, and there is little doubt about their car’s quality. This time around, Honda is planning to bring around a highly budget friendly SUV which is being called as 2017 Honda BR-V. Honda BR-V seemingly is going to be an exciting release. Its exteriors have been redesigned well with sharpness written all over it. This will go well with the young generation and is something which has not been seen since Honda Mobilio. Performance specs will be top notch thanks to a improved engine and transmission system, more of which will be discussed later. So far so good, 2017  BR-V is going to enthrall us all.

2017 Honda HR-V: Powertrain, Design

2017 Honda HR-V

If a SUV is all you need and a smaller car is all you want then look no more, 2017 Honda HR-V is here for you. Released way back in the 90’s this nameplate always had something unique to offer. Unfortunately, it couldn’t fetch promising sale figures and ended up discontinued after comparatively short run of 6 years. Realizing its potential, the manufacturers brought it back to the market after almost after a decade, and the scenario has been different since. In spite of being one of the smallest crossovers available, it offers an accommodation capacity of 5. Other than that it is powered by a decent engine and the new variants will expectedly bring a lot of new dynamic changes. The model will also get upgraded electronic features and revised equipment groups.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid: More Power, Mileage

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

A new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is all set to be launched in the market soon. Honda Accord Hybrid was launched for the first time in 2005. The vehicle had many similarities with Toyota Camry Hybrid. Camry Hybrid is more economical compared to Accord while Accord is more powerful than Camry. New Accord Hybrid model comes after one-year hiatus and now Honda plans to double production and to achieve doubled sales compared to 14,000 sold units during the 2014. In that context, a new Hybrid model possess refreshed look, improved powertrain and upgraded electronics.

Acura Precision Concept: Design, Features

Acura Precision Concept

Acura Precision Concept is the latest and deadliest weapon from Acura in the brands war. This concept version has been designed in Acura’s design studio in California, and it made its debut in 2016 Detroit Motor Show. This car has been devised by the same team who has created the NSX layout. According to Acura, it is that design from which all the future models of Acura will take inspiration. Acura has been struggling with keep pace with its competitors mainly due to its limited number of sedans and SUVs. It doesn’t have much body styles, bodywork design or engine option but Precision concept has given them hope to change the future of Acura. Although Acura hasn’t hinted when the first model based on this concept version but car experts are hoping it will appear soon.

2017 Honda Pilot: Design, Powertrain, MPG

2017 Honda Pilot

The new 2017 Honda Pilot is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda. This car was first produced in 2002; this vehicle is the largest SUV manufactured by Honda with three-row seating. The primary target market of Pilot was North America, but at present it is available in different countries also. The model is based on the same platform as Acura MDX and in Middle East it is being sold as Honda MR-V. From the second generation onwards it is being sold in Ukraine and Russia also. The Pilot has been redesigned for 2016 model year and it will entry in the upcoming year with mild upgrades.