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2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R front view

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R is the latest avatar from the Japanese car maker which is especially built for customers with wild spirit. This version is the revamped and uplifted version of 2016 model with new up gradation in exterior, cabin and engine. In 2015’s Geneva Motor Show Honda first revealed the concept of Type R for Honda Civic. With charming exterior and exclusive interior Honda will be presenting this model in worldwide market to sharper its reputation in automotive market. It is going face some competition from Subaru WRX STI and Ford Focus RS.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R front view

Exterior features

The classic exterior with some sporty outline gestures makes it a winner by its look only. It will come up with all modern amenities that will enhance the body styling. It features new panel with exclusive LED headlight, large black mesh grille with Honda logo in the middle, front hot air exhaust and curvy bumper. The whole exterior styling has been incorporated from Type R layout that exhibit stunning body curves and bends.

There is rumor that Honda might add the new light weight body materials to increase the aerodynamics and mileage. Engineers brought up their best effort so that Type R can get more limelight in this competitive market. The back panel exhibits sporty taillight, aggressive looking bumper, broad area for back panel and funky fender to match the look. It might be equipped with both 18 inch and 19 inch sporty alloy wheels. The total wheelbase may range up to 103 inch with a length of 165 inch, height of 60 inch and width of 75 inch.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R rear view


2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R will feature large comfortable spacious cabin fitted with modern technical gadgets and exquisite styling. It exhibits a sport designed cabin with mounted gear box, mounted controls in steering wheels, chrome finished foot pedals and a sporty gauge cluster. Type R buyers will get new leather stitched bucket seats, two tone color in seats, folded rear seats  and new dashboard. In terms of entertainment it will have large multi touch audio system, four speakers, Bluetooth integration, USP/iPod connectivity and other basic things. This model will be loaded with safety features which include electronic parking brake, one touch turn signal and various other features.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R side view

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R – Engine and performance

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R will be boosted with 2.0 liter turbocharged VTEC engine producing a horsepower 300 hp which is enough to produce a whooping performance. This newly designed engine will outrun all the other power train falling in these segments. The engine is padded up with a six speed manual that throws its power in the front wheel. Front Wheel Drive option sufficient enough to give the rider a racing car experience when it will run at high speed. The mileage is expected to be more appealing in the market where buyers are giving high importance in fuel consumption.

Release Date

2017 Honda Civic Coupe Type R will be launched by the end of 2016 but the price is still unknown.

2017 Honda Ridgeline – Changes and Performance

2017 Honda Ridgeline front view

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is one of the biggest announcements that Honda has made in recent times. Its addition in the pickup truck segment has been immense and it will continue its production of high performance pickup truck in world market. This model is the second generation from Ridgeline lineup and it will be a revived truck with lot of improvements in power train, bed rail and various other body parts. As it is not a highly sophisticated car it is mainly targeted to the middle class owner who was looking for high performance truck at a reasonable price.

2017 Honda Ridgeline front view

Exterior modifications

This 2017 Honda Ridgeline model would appear with lot of exterior improvement but it will also reduce it body weight as it is using the light weight body material. With new materials it is enhancing its classy design structure making it much sleeker than the previous generation. At the front end it will have a revised bumper, classy designed chrome grille, improved fog lamp, multi reflector headlight and some other basic components.

At the rear part it include new taillight, dual action tailgate, privacy glass, integrated bed lights,  in-bed trunk technology, high tension hooks for towing, pre wired for trailer harness and class three trailer hitch. The overall measurement might reach up to 126 inch of wheelbase, 206 inch in length, 73 inch height and 78 inch width. The total bed trunk capacity is 1550 lbs making it comfortable in carry high amount loads.

2017 Honda Ridgeline rear view

Interior changes and Console

The engineers made huge improvement in the interior thus the cabin looks lot more enhanced than most of the pick trucks. The cabin is loaded with high quality material and spacious sitting area. Because of its cost effective nature, this truck won’t come up with sophisticated or luxurious interior but it would include all the basic components needed. It might equip leather stitched seats, ten way power adjustable seats, adjustable seat belt and heated front seats.

In terms of comfort it might include dual zone automatic air control, rear view mirror with camera, column mounted shifter system, illuminated vanity mirrors, flat rear floor and many new basic improvement which they haven’t disclosed. It also includes various entertainment components like touch screen infotainment system with powerful audio system, speakers including subwoofer and basic music connectivity.

2017 Honda Ridgeline side view

2017 Honda Ridgeline – Engine specs

An engine is most important component of each and every pick trucks so keeping that in mind 2017 Honda Ridgeline would come up with a 3.5 liter direct injected V6 engine producing 300 horsepower which it will borrow from 2016 Honda Pilot. New Ridgeline would be padded with a six speed automatic transmission system with the option of both forward wheel drive and all-wheel drive. This new power train will have improved performance as it will use light weight body material and new engine which will reduce the fuel consumption.

Price and release

There is no proper confirmation of the release date but 2017 Honda Ridgeline would be priced more than $30,000.

2017 Acura TLX – Specs, Engine, MPG

2017 Acura TLX front view

2017 Acura TLX is basically a mid-sized luxury sedan from Acura, the luxury car division of world renowned Japanese automobile maker, Honda. It was first produced in 2014. This upcoming model will represent third generation. It’s said to offer impressive drive experience, streamlined body design and luxurious comfortable interior. Large no. of function or feature buttons will be at driver’s disposal. A lot is being expected from this car. Car lovers all around world are looking forward to such a model. Company expects its new model will meet every expectation and gain dominance in world automobile market for sure.

2017 Acura TLX front view

Exterior Appearance

2017 Acura TLX will not undergo too many major changes or modifications but minor changes all over are for sure. Some alterations and upgradations are must to represent a refreshed look. Frontal fascia includes stylish new headlights, coupe roof-line, upgraded frontal grille, etc. Modern type designed small stylish grille. Edge shaped sharply redesigned headlights as well as taillights. Both these get installed with advanced LED light technology for providing daylight type improved visibility.

Small sized fog-lights are provided. Using light weight materials like alloy fiber, carbon fiber, alloy fiber, etc in production of body structure has greatly reduced net vehicle weight thereby improving crucial features such as speed, durability, performance, fuel economy, etc. Customer can choose attractive large sized alloy wheels. Many types of color options are offered just for you selection. Body lines are quite streamlined thereby enhancing aerodynamic factor.

2017 Acura TLX rear view

Interior Designing

A car can only rise up to genre of luxury sedan only if it’s interior has been made excitingly classy and immensely comfortable. 2017 Acura TLX has gained this special rank. Cabin space has been installed with high quality soft leather along fine fabric upholstery made especially for giving ultimate comfort in any journey. Various cabin space designing are present depending upon type of trim level chosen. Almost all buttons or keys controlling every feature and function get installed at driver’s easy one hand reach. As an overall sum up, TLX’s interior becomes similar to modern day vehicle or futuristic vehicle.

2017 Acura TLX gets futuristic cabin space through various hi-tech technological features, gadgets, etc installed. Here are some hi-tech stuffs you may see inside-excellent satellite navigation system, upgraded navigation system, branded sound system with many speakers, dual zone climate control, HD satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB port, cruise control, car parking assistance through rear view camera, anti-collision system, seat belts, air bags, etc.

2017 Acura TLX side view

2017 Acura TLX – Engine options

Mainly two engine variants are present under hood of 2017 Acura TLX. One is a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder which generates about 205 hp and quite equal torque. This gets mated with 8 speed automatic transmission system giving nearly 28 mpg average mileage rate. Another is a 3.5 liter twin turbo charged V6 engine producing about 290 hp. This gets paired with 9 speed ZF auto transmission system giving 25 mpg average mileage rate.


2017 Acura TLX will have price range between $39,000 and $45,000 as predicted by experts.

2017 Acura RDX – Changes, MPG and Price

2017 Acura RDX

2017 Acura RDX is basically a compact luxury SUV crossover from Acura, the luxury car brand of world famous Japanese Automaker, Honda. MDX was Acura’s first ever SUV vehicle, then it was taken over by RDX range. In 2006 first model was launched. This new upcoming version will be represents third generation. Overcoming many battles, upcoming RDX gets ready to showcase its range of newest modifications or updates. An equally capable drivetrain also seems to be crucial. Main genre of this car is sports. Car lovers as well as Honda expect lot from this vehicle and wishes that it can raise main eyebrows.

2017 Acura RDX

Exterior Features

2017 Acura RDX, as per latest news, seems to have undergone many changes or modifications as a refreshment task. Not much has been still known about its exterior design but there are quite a few. Overall genre of its design remains quite sporty. Frontal fascia includes- very impressive characteristically styled grille, sharp edgy headlights known as Jewel Eye headlights, two foglights, etc. Both headlights as well as taillights are installed with advanced LED technology lighting or Xenon lighting for providing improved visibility daylight type.

Rear front is equally modern genre styled similar with some characteristic Honda design. Body lines are quite smooth which enhances aerodynamics. Using materials like aluminium, carbon fibre, alloy fibre and other light weight yet rigid materials for body frame production reduces vehicle weight hugely thereby improving vital prospects such as speed, durability, mileage rate, performance, etc. Some very stylish wheel options are provided for customer’s selection. Various colour options are given for customer’s selection as well.

2017 Acura RDX rear view


Company has made cabin space of 2017 Acura RDX quite elegant and explicit. Both comfort and luxury seems embedded inside making it the best choice for long journey drives. But main plus point of this car is its spaciousness. Large cabin room as well as cargo room which can accommodate about 5 fully grown adult passengers easily along with their ample luggage still makes this vehicle an excellent choice for people searching for family size premium SUVs. Premium quality leather along fine fabric upholstery is used in seats. Various trim levels are present which makes varied interior designing.

2017 Acura RDX has been made futuristic type with help of many hi-tech technological stuffs, gadgets, etc all around. Here are some important tech stuffs present inside- upgraded dual faced infotainment system, satellite navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, Wi-Fi hotspot, Hands free calling, branded sound system, etc.

2017 Acura RDX interior

2017 Acura RDX – Drivetrain

Under the bonnet of 2017 Acura RDX, you may find a 3.5 liter V6 engine system which can generate about 279 hp and equal torque amount. This gets mated with 6 speed auto transmissions system. Advanced Acura’s Control System adds some extra power as well as into its engine. 25 mpg is the average fuel consumption for front wheel drive type and 23 mpg for all wheel drive type.


2017 Acura RDX will have a price range starting from $36,000 to about $44,000.

2018 Honda CR-Z – Concept

2018 Honda CR-Z front view

The 2018 Honda CR-Z is an upcoming coupe developed and marketed by Honda. This is a stylish two-seater that blends the finesse of a sports vehicle along with the muscularity of SUVs to provide unparalleled level of comfort. The main inspiration behind its design was gained from Civic R Type and NSX models due to which there are so many similarities to other cars of the same company. Despite heavy competition in the automobile market, Honda is hopeful that this upcoming vehicle will ensure them a top spot ahead of names such as Chevrolet, Audi, BMW, etc.

2018 Honda CR-Z front view

Interior and Exterior features

The upcoming 2018 Honda CR-Z didn’t reveal much explicit details about its cabin but our best guess tells us that you can expect to find sports car like features along with high-grade comfort elements that were not found in its predecessor. There will be ergonomic seats engulfed by leather, driver oriented centre console and a host of other equipments that adds value to the car. As far as tech features are concerned, you can expect this car to feature touchscreen instrument panel, tilting steering wheel, satellite navigation, rear-parking sensors, along with USB and Bluetooth connectivity for smart phone integration. Since, infotainment plays a major role in a car’s reputation and sales nowadays, you can expect the best audio system that will blow your mind away and keep you entertained for hours.

The 2018 Honda CR-Z, being a coupe, will boast of many features that specifically look good on body types like this one. There will be angular body lines, aluminium wheels, rear wings and side panel folds and gorgeous roof lines that are exclusive to this model. Since the NSX and Type R both are performance based models, this car too will exceed expectations thanks to its lower weight along with superior aerodynamic body shape. Although this model now looks like a concept, the final product will most likely be quite different are visuals.

2018 Honda CR-Z rear view

2018 Honda CR-Z – Engine specs

Under the hood of 2018 Honda CR-Z, you will find a 2.0 liter VTEC engine with 4-cylinders that will be to deliver 280 hp and almost equal amounts of torque at 7200 rpm. This engine is specifically made for USA as Japan is all set to have 1.5 liter hybrid I-DCD unit that will be capable of generating 200 hp. Reports indicate that both these engines are to be paired with 8-speed automatic gearbox that wheel transfer power to all of its four wheels. This vehicle will have superior suspension and braking system to allow better control on roads. Speaking of fuel efficiency, you can trust the CR-Z to perform quite better than its competitors.

2018 Honda CR-Z side view

Price and date of release

2018 Honda CR-Z is speculated to be premiered at 2017 NAIAS in Detroit even though official release date or pricing has not been yet revealed by the company. Europe and Australia are greatly looking forward to this upcoming release as its previous version was discontinued long back due to poor sales figures. Honda hopes to regain their position as top in the market soon enough.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior – Features

2017 Honda Accord Spirior front view

2017 Honda Accord Spirior is all set to release. It has been introduced in the market almost about five years ago. It was joint venture between Honda and its Chinese counterpart Dongfeng Honda. 2017 Accord Spirior was unveiled in this year’s Beijing Motor Show, and seems that it has gone through a lot of upgrades. Exterior upgrades include a new and bolder outlook; sleeker and longer front grille, amazing LED headlights and a new hood. It perfectly holds its original feel and yet manages to look modern. To add to that there will also be interior and powertrain upgrades.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior front view

Exterior & Interior Redesign

As stated earlier 2017 Honda Accord Spirior’s new exterior design is exclusive and elegant. Honda’s Chinese counterpart has implemented a lot of its original designs and it looks good. This new variant provides a distinctive feel and the new body work is excellent. That means there has been an improvement in its build quality. Other exterior design upgrades are not available now but will be updated soon. There are some rumors regarding a platform upgrade but that seems highly unlikely. It is expected that the new interior design will be a lot better than the previous variant’s. It will be much more spacious and comfortable.

To add to that this car will come with the standard technological features. They include new infotainment system, improved navigation system, zone wise climate control and a touch screen interface. Standard features like Bluetooth, USB 3.0, MP3 support and surround sound speakers are also available. However the basic variant might not come with all of them. This new variant has also been upgraded with the advanced security and safety features. Some of them include Auto Braking System, Cruise Control, Emergency Stop and airbags. Also the interiors will be crafted with better quality of materials. Wooden work and leather work in the cabin is also expected.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior rear view

2017 Honda Accord Spirior – Engine

One of the best things about 2017 Honda Accord Spirior’s upgrade is its new engine. It should be a four cylinder turbo charged i-VTEC 2.4 liter gasoline engine equipped with direct fuel injection technology. It will be able to easily generate up to 190 horses. Transmission is likely to be either an eight speed automatic or manual DCT transmission or both. To add to that this new engine will also be more environments friendly and offer better fuel efficiency. All the variants including the base variant will be coupled with the same DCT transmission system. Definitive information regarding other engine variants is not available as of now.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior side view

Price & Release Date

Presently, there is no official information regarding the cost and availability of 2017 Honda Accord Spirior. However, it will be released very soon. Going by the trend this new variant could be released by the end of 2016 and it might cost a little more than its previous variant. It will vary according to the range of accessories offered. Comparing the features offered by this car and the features offered by its rivals, we can surely say that this one will do well.

2017 Honda Civic – Hybrid, Specs, Release Date

2017 Honda Civic front view

Honda Civic has been there since the late seventies and this compact car has indeed come a long way. Over the years it has adapted from a compact to sub compact car according to the markets demands and 2017 will see its tenth generation. It will be called 2017 Honda Civic and will offer a lot of new interesting features. The major highlight about the 2017 edition is Honda’s latest Earth Dream technology eco-friendly engine that will also be used in future Honda vehicles. To add to that it will be more powerful as well.

2017 Honda Civic front view

Interior & Exterior Design

Honda is busy re-designing the new 2017 Honda Civic according to the current market standards. This new variant will be very modern and spacious compared to its previous variant. Exterior redesigns include new front and rear bumpers along with improved light emitting diodes headlamps and tail lamps. To add to that it will also come with new alloy wheels of 15 inch, 16 inch and 17 inch depending on the range of accessories offered. Interior will be crafted with better quality materials and the new dashboard will also be equipped with the fresh technological functionalities.

It will also have an info and entertainment system and navigation system with touchscreen interface. Spy Shots reveal that the 2017 Honda Civic will be bolder and sleeker in terms of its looks. This sedan also has a very sporty feel. Its hatchback variant might be discontinued but the coupe and sedan variant will certainly be available. Last but not the least 2017 Civic will come with advanced security and safety features like airbags, Auto Braking System and Auto Cruise Control.

2017 Honda Civic rear view

2017 Honda Civic – Engine and MPG

Other than the earth dream technology engine, there is a possibility 2017 Honda Civic’s hybrid variant could also be available. This hybrid will be a dual engine system, mainly relying on the electric system. First motor will power the car and the second one will power the interiors and lights. That being said, this new engine variant will also be cheaper and more efficient. It will be a turbocharged four cylinder earth dream 2L engine, capable of generating up to 300 horses. This will probably be the one and only engine for this variant.

That means that the other variants will come with the same engine and other upgrades. This engine will be coupled with a Continuous Variable transmission system and it can be released in both all wheel and front wheel drive variants. Honda’s idea of combining the petrol and electric engine is really clever and it will provide better fuel efficiency. It is expected to be around 44 mpg in city, 45 mpg combined and 47 mpg on the highway.

2017 Honda Civic side view

Price & Release Date

2017 Honda Civic’s release date or cost is not known yet but updates are yet to come. But if we consider the stiff competition then we can say that there wouldn’t be major difference. 2017 Civic will probably be released later next year but before that this car will be presented in t auto shows over the world. We are waiting for the official word regarding that.

2017 Acura NSX Type R – Performance and Price

2017 Acura NSX Type R

There are very few sports vehicles from the Asian automobile market which has had such a huge impact in the global automobile market like Acura NSX have had over the years. 2017 Acura NSX Type R is one eagerly awaited model and has already started creating quite a buzz among sport vehicle enthusiast and Honda loyalists. With a stunning new design and high-end performance it will surely give European Automobile giants such as Porsche and BMW a run for their money.

It has been in the market for over two decades and has evolved significantly over the due course of time. In order to compete in the current market Honda must improve on several shortcomings from which the previous vehicles suffered. The Type R variant of NSX is one of the most awaited vehicles as it is expected to be a beast on-road.

2017 Acura NSX Type R

Exterior and Interior Designing

Much shouldn’t be expected about cabin space of any sports vehicle but 2017 Acura NSX Type R is somewhat different than others. An amazingly futuristic or modern day look has been given inside just like some spacecrafts cockpit.

2017 Acura NSX Type R comes with many latest hi-tech technologies, accessories, etc. Being from Honda family, not expecting anything spectacularly awesome isn’t right. Here are some really impressive stuffs cabin space holds- satellite navigation system, excellent infotainment system, hands free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, cruise control, parking assistance through rear view camera, latest climate control, radio, seat belts, air bags, sound system having many speakers, anti-collision system, etc.

2017 Acura NSX Type R front view

2017 Acura NSX Type R – Drivetrain

2017 Acura NSX Type R being a sports car needs an amazing engine under its belt to meet the needs of every sports car lover. Many speculations are going around about the exact powertrain and performance stats of this upcoming vehicle since no official news about NSX’s drivetrain has been announced. As per expert suggestion, NSX may get a 3.5 liter twin turbo charged V6 direct injecting which combines with whopping three electric motors. This is all advanced plug-in hybrid model.

This engine system gets mated with 7 speed dual clutch type transmission system. All together this provides a considerable amount of power (i.e. about 550 hp) as well as torque. It is an all wheel drive type which powers up its front wheels through those two electric motors. This car is a formidable combination of power and performance. Fuel economy is also quite good keeping in mind it’s a sports machine. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just few seconds.

2017 Acura NSX Type R rear view

Price, Launch Date and Competitors

Though no official reports are yet given by Acura, experts have made many estimates regarding price range of 2017 Acura NSX Type R. Experts suggest it may have price range between $150,000 to $200,000.Release date has been expected to be quite late i.e. by 2016’s end or 2017’s beginning so there is still time. Like all impressive car model, NSX’s also has got rivals like upcoming Nissan GT-R R36 NISMO, etc.

2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 – Features and Price

2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 front view

Often regarded as the best touring motorcycle in the world, Honda Goldwing which was first launched in 1975 has served adventurers for more than four decades. Now Honda is coming up with yet another upgraded version: the 2017 Honda Goldwing 1800. Given that this motorcycle has always held its own demand in the market, Honda never stops attempting to make it more comfy and more suitable for longer journey, with greater space for riders and luggage.

2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 front view

Body and designing

Gold wing Airbag and Gold Wing Audio Comfort are the two available versions of 2017 Honda Goldwing 1800, the former being supported with an integrated airbag facility, which was featured for the first time in its previous version. This motorcycle is being improvised to make travelling as comfortable as it can get, and one will hardly need to worry about the strains of long motorcycle journeys with its advanced luxury features.

To assure ultra-comfort on longer rides, this one of a kind motorcycle comes with features such as heated seats which are adjustable, five positions heated grips as well as foot warming systems. It is perfectly suited for country roads as well, its aluminum framework being sturdy and durable. Expect the seat height to be around 29 inches and they are waterproof. The wheelbase will be around 66.5 inches. Its storage capacity exceeds 150 liters.

2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 side view

Honda is presumably retaining the entertainment features like its 80W SRS sound system with six speakers, which entertains the riders with great quality music during their journey. It also has high-tech features like satellite linked radio and navigation system. These can help the rider to figure out weather conditions and road traffic while travelling.

As for the cosmetic features, it is going to be available in a number of colors including red, white, blue and matte silver.

2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 – Engine and safety features

The motorcycle runs on an 1830cc power engine with six chambers and this will be accompanied by 5-speed transmission. It is going to use SOHC valve train with compression ratio of 9.8: 1. This brings along with it 45mm front suspension, 71 mm stroke and 74 mm bore.

Honda Goldwing has always been known for its safety features, and 2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 does not fall back. It has been made as safe as possible with features like Anti Lock Braking System to prevent skidding or crashing, Electric Reverse System, Cruise Control System and Combined Braking System.

They provide greater ease in maneuvering the vehicle even in largely crowded areas; similarly they extend safety in travelling off road. Its modified wind shield also acts as a body shield for the rider. With features as these, 2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 manages to remain a superior vehicle for travel enthusiasts with its all round support – from safety to comfort and entertainment.

2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 blue


No certain information is available yet about the price of this new 2017 Honda Goldwing 1800 manages, but provided that it is being upgraded, one can rightly assume that the price too is going to rise. The starting prices will be at least above $25,000 and the maximum might well exceed $30,000.

2017 Honda CRF450R – Redesign, Specs

2017 honda CRF450r spy photo

Honda is about to launch their very first MX Bike 2017 Honda CRF450R with an electric start. Though they have been quite secretive about this new big thing that they are bringing to the market, the sneak peeks reveals that this motorcycle has received an entirely new upgradation as far as its design, features and engine is concerned. It is shredding off the features of its present version in many aspects and is going to come up with better, cooler aspects. Everything from its plastic to its body, its look, its motor and the entire framework – everything has changed in varying proportions making it an all new version. This has lead to much effort on part of Honda to prevent it from an early revelation before they plan to launch it.

2017 honda CRF450r spy photo


The frame has been entirely redesigned for this revised version of the rally bike and 2017 Honda CRF450R looks a lot more bulky than its current version with more muscle added towards the front. Rumors making the round claim that its head is going to feature a dual cam design, however it’s a bit hard to provide a concrete opinion given that Honda has undertaken a strict privacy policy, the motorcycle remaining covered at all times. Its only glimpse is available when it is unveiled for technical testing reasons. Its framework covers the shock reservoir making it invisible from the ride side and this has led to speculations that adjusters might be positioned beneath its seats or on its left side or it might also have been positioned beneath the side panel.

2017 honda CRF450r rear view

2017 Honda CRF450R – Engine

The centre of all words about 2017 Honda CRF450R has been its electric start. And yes, it has been confirmed that this sports bike comes with an all new electrically started motor – a very first for Honda. Apart from this electric button start up, the motorcycle is also provided with an optional to kick start, so basically it comes with both of these features.

Engine for this 2017 version is receiving a complete upgradation, which is supposed to outmode its previous models. It is going to be more powerful, accompanied by a more compact gearbox along with it’s much talked about e-start engine. Its previous model was much criticized for its lack of power, so this one is going to come up with greater than 60 HP and a greater torque. Details of its Powertrain configurations still remain a mystery due to Honda’s persistent efforts to maintain privacy.

2017 honda CRF450r


With its improved engine and therefore, with enhanced power, 2017 Honda CRF450R is going to be back in the market and in the power game. If rumors about its increased Horsepower indeed turn out to be true, it will be competing with the likes of KTM 450SX, Kawasaki KX450F and Yamaha YZ450F.

Price and availability

Since this new 2017 Honda CRF450R is still under the process of development, it is hard to guess it availability. Honda has also not given any hint about the release date of their new coveted motorcycle. Same mystery shrouds its pricing; however, market speculations can assure it is going to cost more than its present version.