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2017 Honda CR-V – Changes, Spy Photos, Price

2017 Honda CR-V spy photo

CR-V is a well-known model in the SUV market but it is facing stiff competition in US market. Domestic automotive companies and German car makers are giving them hard time to shine in the market as they are bring up new model making them a front runner in the industry. The main reason for lagging back is that they haven’t made much change in CR-V for last five years. So they are bringing back a newly refreshed model which will be named as 2017 Honda CR-V. Though there won’t be a drastic change but they are replenishing every part of the car.

2017 Honda CR-V spy photo

Exterior redesign

Though Honda is not bringing any drastic outlook change but it is modifying various parts of the body. The designer made some detailed layout for those parts so that exterior outlook maybe more appealing making it an eye catchy model. On the front there may be some new front panel, grille with long lines, modern multi reflector head lamp, new fog lamp, variable speed windshield and voluptuous bumper which adds to the compact and sturdy look front fascia.

But overall the 2017 Honda CR-V doesn’t change in outer looks but with those little design input it will give a different feeling. The overall dimension may be revised which can measure up to 104 inch in wheelbase, 183 inch in length, 74 inch in width and 67 in height. It will also have some other basic features which include antenna, roof rails, body colored side mirror padded with indicator, body colored door knob and power tailgate. It will be equipped with 18 inch alloy wheels which will complement to the looks of the crossover.

2017 Honda CR-V rear view

Interior features

As expected 2017 Honda CR-V will make some huge makeover in its cabin which will be fully equipped with lot of new amenities that will glorify the interior. It will include new seat category which will be ten way power adjustable seats, heated front seats, upholstery using leather in seats, rear seats with foldable option etc. It will also exhibit various comfort feature that includes dual zone automatic climate control system with  air filtering, mounted controls on leather wrapped steering wheel, Honda Lane watch, push button start and lot of other exciting features. When comes to entertainment it might include seven inch high resolution touch screen display, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, Speed sensitive volume control, six large speakers with sub woofer and other entertainment features.

2017 Honda CR-V interior

2017 Honda CR-V – Powertrain

There is a speculation that  2017 Honda CR-V  will be powered by a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine which it might borrow from HR-V model. It will produce a horsepower of 141 hp and a torque of 127 lb-ft. It might also feature a hybrid engine which is made for the nature lovers. Other options are probably going to be 2.0 and 2.4 liter petrol engines. First one will deliver 155 horsepower while the bigger one will deliver 185.

2017 Honda CR-V will have a six speed automatic transmission with the option of all wheel drive. With its top notch performance it will compete with Volvo XC60 and Land Rover Discovery.

It will produce high fuel efficiency with an EPA rating around 28 mpg in city roads and 35 mpg in highways.

Price and Availability

2017 Honda CR-V is expected to launch by the end of 2016 with a price tag for a base model of around $24,000.

2016 Honda Gold Wing – Specs, Changes, Price

2016 Honda Gold Wing front view

The 2016 Honda Gold Wing is a relatively new member in the Honda family as it’s a cruiser model that is not exactly the company’s area of expertise. To keep up with modern market demands, the Japanese company is continuously refreshing and renewing its product lineup so that nobody goes disappointed. Even though the Gold Wing was first launched in 1974, it was eventually removed from production as it failed to reach sales targets mostly owing to its lack of appeal to common riders. This time around, Honda would be looking forward to reclaim their market by making the upcoming model user friendly as well as more fuel efficient.

2016 Honda Gold Wing front view


As a part of Valkyrie lineup, the 2016 Honda Gold Wing offers fully shielded body that looks even better in dim lighting conditions, lower seat height to comfortable accommodate riders of every height and longer wheelbase to add to its aggressiveness quotient. The seats have got more comfortable than before and should offer you extreme comfort even while passing through rocky roads. After 40 years, this bike would be looking forward to bring luxury once again to riders who just cannot do without the thrill of riding a two-wheeler.

On the rear of this bike, there is a monstrous amount of luggage space characterized by a boxy container that is big enough to fit your entire travel equipment. If you’re worried about not having a car; don’t be.

2016 Honda Gold Wing rear view

2016 Honda Gold Wing – Engine and performance

As the 2016 Honda Gold Wing makes reappearance more than 40 years later, it will naturally have a far better engine than its predecessor. It will be a 990 cc 6 cylinder unit with maximum fuel economy of 35 mpg. You can fill up the tank with 6.6 gallons of duet and expect to ride more than 190 miles with one complete refilling. With sprinting capacity of 0 to 60 in just 4.1 seconds, this bike ranks up to some of the best speed vehicles in the market. Speaking of driving mechanics, the Gold Wing offers advanced aerodynamics thanks to its reformed shape and ergonomic body design. Performance wise, you can expect only the best from the world leaders of automobile engineering.

2016 Honda Gold Wing side view

Price and Release Date

This motorbike has earned its bragging rights by providing sensational performance, well sought after fuel economy, better handing and driving mechanics and needless to mention, a very attractive body that is no less than a stunner. If you want to earn your mettle for being an enthusiast biker, then look no further; the upcoming Honda Wing has everything dreams are made of.

The 2016 Honda Gold Wing is a complete bang for your bike if you’re an enthusiast as it is priced only at $24,000 for the base version. If you want more features, then you have to shell out around $30,000. Expected date of arrival is towards the end of 2015, which can also get delayed by a month or so, if the company decides to further improve its features.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer – Concept, Engine, Price

2016 Honda Civic Tourer side view

“It’s high time to go out with this kind of model”, said the General Manager of Honda. The company has been in the top 10 list for production of cars and bikes, but they aim much higher to go up and secure the top 5 the next year. With their new release, 2016 Honda Civic Tourer, they are excited to produce their best of the lot. This car has been presented in front of 1.2 billion people at the New York Auto Show in 2015. If we had thought about its special features, then it would be fuel efficient, has Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), light weighted and it’s a speedster for sure. It also has AUX input technology which is seen in a very less number of cars.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer side view


2016 Honda Civic Tourer has been totally redesigned with many new features, both interior and exterior. It has a new front grille which is square in shape which gives a professional look to this car. Electronic doors are also a special attraction for the customers. This Japanese company has introduced a new platform called the Sx4 upon which this car is based upon. This platform promises better sustainability, is light weight and increases speed and acceleration of this car. Sx4 is made up of light weight metal aluminium and carbon fibers.

It has new spoiler and bumpers, both in the front and back. LED lights have an electromagnetic look with new shapes. These lights have been used with xenon and neon bulbs. Fog lights are also prominent and sharper. The wheels of this car range from 19 to 21 inches. But, all these wheels are adapted for the off-road journey. It has also introduced new spiral technology, which flashes LED for the rear and front cars to give way. There is also two in-built damage detecting micro sensors which can inform the driver about the damage caused by the accident. This damage details is shown in the 8.9 inch LED flat screen which is also used for tracking roads and cars.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer rear view

2016 Honda Civic Tourer – Powertrain and MPG

2016 Honda Civic Tourer provides numerous options when engine is concerned. It will come out with three engine configurations rather. The first being a diesel engine (CTC), 2.6 liters and 238 horsepower. The second one is a SKYActive engine, which can store around 3.2 liters of gas and can power the car to produce about 340 horsepower and torque of 280 lb-ft.

The last but not the least, is a TFSI engine which is basically a petrol engine with gas holding capacity of 1.9 liters. This engine can produce around 210 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque. These engines run on a seven speed automatic transmission. The mileage this car gives will be around 24 mpg in traffic roads and 34 on speedy tracks. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds, whereas the top speed being 210 kmph.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer interior

Release Date and Price

2016 Honda Civic Tourer will be available for production and purchase during the month of May-June of next year. This model is going to be in the range of $30,000 to $35,000.

2017 Honda Odyssey – Changes, Engine, Release Date

2017 Honda Odyssey front view

2017 Honda Odyssey is a redesigned minivan which is a fifth generation Odyssey lineup. With some resemblance from Acura MDX in both exterior and interior it will boast other new feature making it to retain its distinctive identity. Though it won’t come up with drastic makeover but it will pose various new features. This new Odyssey will be based on Honda’s new platform which will produce better performance and mileage. It will face some competition from new introduced Kia Sedona, Toyota Sienna and Chrysler’s new upcoming minivan. The engineers gave lot of their effort in the interior to raise their interior standard.

2017 Honda Odyssey front view

Exterior features

According to reports Odyssey won’t show much change but it will incorporate some little makeover which will recognizable. With streamlined body lines, the exterior looks more modern thus enhancing its appeal in the eye of car lovers. It will also feature new light weight body material thus reducing the previous body weight by large amount. It exhibits an L shaped body curve thus providing large base and overall giving a boost to the performance. At the front it features a long chrome grille with revived bumper, HID day time running headlight, acoustic windshield, new front exhaust and other basic inputs.

The side lower panels are little lower than usual with body colored door handles and side mirror with cornering light. At the rear end it might feature new LED taillight, parking sensors, power tailgate, rear privacy glass, intermittent rear windshield wiper and various basic features. As it will resemble lot features of MDX it is expected that the exterior measurement would have similarities.

2017 Honda Odyssey rear view

Interior specs

2017 Honda Odyssey features a lot of new improved inputs in the interior with premium furnishing and a spacious cabin. The basic concept of interior design is almost same with the previous design but with new improvement it looks more exclusive. New seats are comfortable and it features 10 way power adjustments, multi function second row, leather trimmed seats and new seat belts thus making it comfortable long rides. It also has tri zone automatic climate control, satellite linked navigation system, touch screen with high resolution infotainment system, Home Link system, Blind spot information system and various other tweaks. The entertainment part includes high wattage audio system with up to twelve speakers, new wireless connectivity and new Honda Link Aha feature.

2017 Honda Odyssey interior

2017 Honda Odyssey – Powertrain and performance

There is no specific indication about the exact power train but as it is incorporating most its feature from Acura model so it is expected that 2017 Honda Odyssey will feature 3.5 liter V-6 engine with Earth Dream technology. It will produce a horsepower around 275 hp and a torque of 250 lb-ft. It will be padded with a six speed automatic transmission with a possibility of ZF nine speed gear shift as an option.

As it is using new light weight body material and Earth Dream technology it is expected that it will produce great mileage with good performance. The EPA rating might be 21 mpg in city and 32 mpg in highway.

Price and release date

2017 Honda Odyssey will be available by mid of 2016 with a price range around $40,000.

2016 Honda Stepwgn fifth generation coming soon

2016 Honda Stepwgn front view

Honda Stepwgn is not new in the market. Earlier it was released in Japan and it did quite well. Stepwgn’s production started in 2009 and 2012 saw a major upgrade. Now the Japanese Auto giant is ready to release this vehicle worldwide and it will be called 2016 Honda Stepwgn. Presently, they are working on this vehicle and another major upgrade is expected to be seen next year. This will also be the fifth generation of this variant and therefore the company is putting a lot into it. Probably one of the most popular and efficient wagons, this car will target a larger number of people who are looking for a gigantic family vehicle.

2016 Honda Stepwgn front view

2016 Honda Stepwgn – Engine Specs

It is expected that 2016 Honda Stepwgn will come with a better powerful engine than before. It is likely that Honda will only release a petrol variant. It is expected to be a VTEC 1.5 L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine equipped with direct fuel injection technology. This engine will be able to generate up to 150 HP and will have 20 kg-m of torque.

It is also likely that Honda will use its latest transmission system and the mentioned engine will be combined with the new and automatic CVT gearbox. Both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive options are expected. It will also offer improved fuel efficiency. It is roughly expected to be around 16 kmpl to 17 kmpl. Rumors suggest that Honda’s this VTEC engine has been under research and development for long and the company has put in more $340 m for that purpose.

2016 Honda Stepwgn side view

Exterior & Interior Design

2016 Honda Stepwgn’s interior is as spacious as it gets. It pretty much resembles a compartment which provides all the necessary features and is comfortable enough to make you feel at home. The entire cabin has been crafted with high quality leather and wood. 2016 Stepwgn’s new features include a smart entertainment system and will offer three rows of seats. The third row is adjustable and can make room for extra luggage. Honda is calling this its Magic seat functionality. To add to that it can be made into half and used.

In Japan this is called the ‘waku waku door’ system.  This new wagon will also come with a great security and safety system. Some of its functions include ESS- Emergency Stop signaling, Pedestrian Sensor, Auto Braking System (ABS), Advanced Cruise Control (ACC) and last but not the least airbags. These features are impressive and will surely make this wagon one of the safest cars. The Pedestrian Sensor is a great feature and will automatically prevent the driver from running over someone. Other than that ACC will help in preventing collisions by maintain optimum distances.

2016 Honda Stepwgn interior

Price & Availability

No reliable information is available regarding the availability and cost of 2016 Honda Stepwgn. However speculations suggest that this model will hit the showrooms by this year or by the beginning of 2016. There is no use in guessing the price as it may vary majorly considering that Honda incorporating a lot of new enhancements.

2016 Acura TLX – Changes, Release Date, Price

2016 Acura TLX front view

Inner sources of Acura, which happens to be Honda’s luxury division, confirm that the redesigned 2016 Acura TLX will pique the interest sport vehicle enthusiasts with its brand new features and improvised look. Acura TLX was always meant to be a luxury sedan and its new upgrade, both interior and exterior, is certain to provide better contentment to its users.

2016 Acura TLX front view

Exterior redesign

Acura is not introducing much significant changes in its exterior as such and this redesigned 2016 Acura TLX will maintain its previous body-line. However, renovation are going to take place with respect to certain aspects, for instance, the body will be built by using light weight materials in a higher proportion which in turn would reduce the weight of this sedan, thereby improving its aerodynamic features. This particular change will also facilitate more flexibility in maneuvering and lead to lesser fuel consumption.

Acura is also introducing better safety features. Apart from these real changes, a number of plastic changes are also going to take place, particularly with respect to the design of its front grille and its lights. It will feature reshaped LED head and tail-lights as well as side mirrors with LED outlines.

2016 Acura TLX rear view

Spacious Interior

2016 Acura TLX is basically a mid-sized sedan but with its offering of ample legroom and headroom, and its primary concern being that of comfort, this car will provide a feel of riding a full-sized sedan. The interior covers adequate place for five adults. Apart from this, the interior has also been stylized with rich leather, heated seats, and has been equipped with useful high-tech features as: GPS routing, Wireless and cruise control system to name a few. On the whole, the driving experience is going to become all the more convenient and comfortable.

2016 Acura TLX interior

2016 Acura TLX – Powertrain

2016 Acura TLX will come with two distinct engine options to choose from. Along with a 2.4 liter I4 engine which is capable of producing 205 HP and a torque of 182 lb-ft, it will also come with an alternative V6 engine of 3.5 liter producing 290 HP. The former four chambered engine will be accompanied by eight speed dual clutch transmission. For the latter, there will be nine speed automated transmission. Fuel Economy will be close to 28 mpg in case of the I4 engine and 25 mpg in case of the V6 one. While this Acura TLX is to come in two distinct AWD and FWD models, there isn’t going to be any difference between the two with regard to fuel consumption.

Price and Release date

Presently, the market speculations have set the starting price of this redesigned 2016 Acura TLX at $31,000 and it is expected to top off somewhere around $45,100. Release date for this luxurious sedan has not been officially confirmed by Acura as of yet, but it is certain that it will be available in the market worldwide in 2016. So enthusiasts need to keep an eye out to know about the particular release date and to spot the 2016 Acura TLX on road!

2016 Honda Fury – Review, Engine, Release Date

2016 Honda Fury

The 2016 Honda Fury is a bike that is one for the record books. As the Japanese company consistently outshines most of its competitors, this motorbike comes as its name would imply, in a fury of rage and power. Being the best innovators of the modern two-wheeler auto world, Honda has equipped this model with superb chassis features, extravagant engine performance and all at a price that is well below its rivals. This muscle bike should offer enthusiasts their kick of the money with tremendous balance of elegance and uninhibited power.

2016 Honda Fury


2016 Honda Fury comes with larger wheel base and is sure to turn heads as it passes through untamed highways of urban land. Stretching more than 6 feet from one axle to another, this model is now the longest available on offer from the company. Its seat has been placed comparatively lower for better convenience of riders of every height. This vehicle has twin engines and 40 mm exhaust that lends much required masculinity, apart from serving their purpose.

There is 55 watt headlamps with halogen and multifaceted reflectors that align this model’s uniqueness towards an orthodox style. The 17 inch aluminium wheels are fitted with both CBS and ABS braking to assign unparalleled control over its speed. With a wheel base of around 71 inches and outstanding braking technology, you can expect to cruise through bumpy roads with utmost ease.

Instrument cluster

The instrument cluster is made of LCD and features many important tools such as odometer, trip meter, illuminated engine diagnostic indicator, average and real time fuel consumption meters, etc.

2016 Honda Fury BlackGray

2016 Honda Fury – Engine and performance

The 2016 Honda Fury will be powered by a V-twin, 52 degree, SOHC engine with three valves per cylinder with displacement of 1312 cc. It will be liquid cooled and offer just enough horsepower to be of satisfaction to both new riders and veterans. Staying true to Honda’s characteristic, there will be a flat torque curve with uninterrupted power output that makes riding much more enjoyable than before. The engine will be mated to a 5 speed transmission and deliver average fuel economy close to 43 mpg with maximum fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons. The model weighs at 680 lbs when the tank is filled up.

With stellar features that are no longer kept in the dark, 2016 Honda Fury will pose as a force to be reckoned with both in power and reliability. Among many superb features, the one that caught our eye is its braking system that combines the best of front and rear systems to make for amazing effectiveness. This vehicle can come to a stop in a flash even while cruising through we surface.

2016 Honda Fury Red

Price and release date

2016 Honda Fury is an excellent performer that excels both in performance and extravagant design. The base model is expected to cost somewhere around $14,000 and go up according to features in higher end models. Release will be within upcoming few months as we are closely waiting for new information to pop up.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 side view

Honda will be back in the outdoor car segment with 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. Previous models of Pioneer 1000 have done quite well, now is it is back with a package of enhancements. One of the best Utility Task Vehicle ever made, the new Pioneer 1000 will be larger. Enhanced off road capabilities are also expected. Inspite of being a Side by Side, this vehicle is very comfortable, offers better handling than most other vehicles. This car can go through any terrain be it canyons, roughs hills or muddy forests. 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 will be capable to carry a ton extra and will also be able to accommodate more passengers. This UTV will also be equipped with the latest technological features and an advanced powertrain. Further details are stated below.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 side view


In terms of its design the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 will be available in many packages. Namely All Weather package, Hunting Package, Trail Package, Work Package, Custom Package and Protection Package. All Weather package’s exterior as well as interior design upgrade include hard roofs, Hard Front and Rear Doors, Strong Windshield, fabric rear Door and Panel and heaters. Hunting package will come with Camo Fabric roof, panel, Camo seat covers and Poly windscreen. Trail package will likely offer Fabric roof, Fabric front, rear doors and panels. Work Package will come with Winch, Plow and Winch Mounts, POW blades and push blades.

Protection package will have front and rear A-arm guards, skid plate, bumper and brush guard, Bed and floor mats and cover. The most exciting package that is the custom package will offer Advanced Weight balancing suspension system, LED headlights, LED light bars, attachment kit and Aux lamps. Also this new variant will be larger and have better safety and security features.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 front view

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 – Engine Performance

Speculations suggest that 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 should be equipped with a dual cylinder 9.99 k cc engine. To add to that it will also have dual inline liquid cooling function and will also feature cylinder head Uni cam design. Honda Pioneer 1000 will be offered in the market in both two wheel drive system and four wheel drive system. Other than that both manual and automatic transmission variants will be released and they will come with improved traction. Advanced suspension is also expected. Increased air intake is also expected and it will also work under tough conditions. Transmission will feature six speed DCT automatic gear box. A sports variant might also be released later. Basic variant will have a top speed of 45 mph and tuned variants will go up to 60 mph to 65 mph.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

Release Date and Price

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 will be available in two variants namely the base variant and the tuned variant. Former will be cheaper than the later and the official pricing will be available soon. However considering the market competition and upgrades we can say that it will be between $15,000 and $20,000 depending on range of accessories offered. Release date isn’t available either but going by logic we can say that it will be released by the fourth quarter of this year.

2016 Honda Rancher – Review, Specs, Price

2016 Honda Rancher side view

The concept of ATVs starts with a dream. Mostly used for fulfilling jobs or dreams of riding somewhere where cell network shuts down. When it comes to ATV (All Terrain Vehicles), Honda gives a wide variety. Their most recent with a few carry over specifications of their last model is the 2016 Honda Rancher. This ATV is designed to be able to do hard tasks. It is supposedly a working machine,it’s also said to be a fun ride. Its previous version, i.e., 2015 Honda Rancher came with many updates, but this is more or less just a visually updated version of that.

2016 Honda Rancher

2016 Honda Rancher – Configurations

As mentioned earlier, 2016 Honda Rancher is an ATV for the hardest tasks. Thus, this vehicle is given a very hard construction. It also carries a very rugged look. It comes in two versions, 2 wd and 4 wd configurations. It comes with three different types of transmission:- manual transmission, ES (Electric Shift) program or automatic DCT (Dual Clutch transmission). It will have a digital instrument panel showing gear position indicator, speedometer, odometer, fuel level, clock, water temperature, trip meter and also Honda’s maintenance minder, which tells you when it’s time for service. The ATV will also have a comfortable seat with good efficiency for the people working with it.

2016 Honda Rancher side view

2016 Honda Rancher – Single cylinder Engine

2016 Honda Rancher has 2 in 1 suspension, which powers the tires to go off road. Talking about the mileage you are about to get the best fuel economy. This class of AVT has been among the new for about 2 years and now Honda comes with this AVT. It also includes a special attraction of oriented glass which is designed by a Japanese company. Its engine comes with previously proven 420 cc single-cylinder, four stroke, and liquid cooled engine. This engine provides more than enough power, great economy and excellent durability.  It can be switched to either manual ATV or the automatic DCT. The options of either all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Fuel capacity is 3.9 gallons, and on the reserve it is 1.3 gallons.

2016 Honda Rancher rear view


The 2016 Honda Rancher comes with EPS, namely electric power steering featuring torque sensors that measure the force one applies and compensates the assist one needs. Terrain driving is made a lot easier because of this. The IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) is included for a smoother ride and increased ease over erratic terrain. Whereas its other swinger model ensures the capability of tackling chores on the ATV.

Tires are provided with high gripping technology and a wider cross-section for better hold on the terrain. The front tire is about 24-8-12 and the rear tire is off 24-10-11. Its front brake is fitted with dual hydraulic disc and the rear brake is the sealed drum type.


The 2016 Honda Rancher is expected to have a base price of $5,200 (like previous model) whereas some say that high end models might touch a price of about $7,100. And is already hitting the streets in some places since this May – June.

2016 Honda TRX90X – Price, Spec, Release Date

2016 Honda TRX90X front view

Honda comes up with a powerful yet economic AVT quad bike. The company’s Power division named it as 2016 Honda TRX90X. You can book your tickets for an adventure ride with TRX90X. After plenty of discussion over the market value of this bike, Honda was not ready to go with this bike. But when they showcased it at the New York Auto Show, they changed their mind to release it not in the next year, but this year itself. With powerful Powertrain, this AVT bike is sure to hit the market. There are about 12 models which will be released for this bike with different engine specifications and root model.

2016 Honda TRX90X front view

This quad bike is fuel efficient and also has a battery option in case of any emergency. It’s kickback features front kicking and also includes an auto start power button by which the bike will be able to start fast. It also includes independent handlebar by its side. Seats are made up of Logan leather and perfectly shaped for an adult. This bike is only licensed age over 12 and teenagers of age under 19.

Brakes are an important section in AVT bikes. And so, Hondo goes out with high hydraulic pressure breaks. They have also worked on combining both speed and control. This adventure bike can go off road or any other terrain with it’s 21 inches high pressurized tires. It combines both fuel efficiency and acceleration. This is secretly done by using a DoHC engine which provides the best possible combination of acceleration and fuel efficiency.

2016 Honda TRX90X rear view

The 2016 Honda TRX90X – Models available

The 2016 Honda TRX90X will come out in 6 models, namely.

  • Honda TRX90X A.
  • Honda TRX90X AA.
  • Honda TRX90X B.
  • Honda TRX90X BB.
  • Honda TRX90X C.
  • Honda TRX90XX CC.

The 2016 Honda TRX90X – Features

The outside will be seen in 3 different colour combinations. One of these is vibrant red. And the other two are eye catching. These colours define adventure, sports and enthusiasm this is what the general manager of Honda told to the reporters. Its engine is designed to patch the rough and cold conditions. The use of Japanese machinery assures better performance, according to engine and design. There has been use of modern technology and software which allows to lower the curb weight of this bike. And lowering the net weight has made it fuel efficient and has increased mileage.

2016 Honda TRX90X

The 2016 Honda TRX90X – Semi Automatic Transmission

Talking about the engine, 2016 Honda TRX90X uses 86 cc, four strokes, SOHC engine which is smooth and can bear front independent suspension. Power delivery and usage stats are also available for the customers, which can be found out in the handbook. It bears semi automatic and manual four speed transmission. It has a turning radius of 3.8 feet, which allows better storage of fuel capacity. The front brakes use dual sealed drum and the Drivetrain comes with O-ring chain. Nevertheless, this engine is powerful and fuel efficient and has CDI ignition.


2016 Honda TRX90X will be coming out in a very affordable price of $2,999 and is expected to be out in the market by June, 2016.